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Official takes bribes for clearing goods at Tema harbour

After going through the process of clearing your goods, checks are done by port security officers who must give clearance that indeed whatever went on in the process of clearing was intact and corresponds to what is declared on paper. The official in the video who conducted the final checks accepted money without really cross checking before giving the pass. The official can be seen taking money. He refused to take the money at first because it was too small according to him but after a little persuasion, he accepted it and the man is seen running to take his goods out.

1. Prepare to go undercover
2. Record the corruption with your mobile
3. Upload your video
4. Engage the community to take action

Have you experienced a case of bribery and corruption while clearing your goods? Tell us about it

4 days ago

Ghana Birth and Death Registry

The official seated, in glasses (Daniel) took money to assist a man get his process expedited as others wait and watch for their turn.

16 days ago

Tema harbour