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Police stops the cars for bribes

Usually, what happens is that the police stops you, asks for the driver’s license and causes delays. They expect money ranging from ghc2-ghc10 from the drivers with or without an offense. Sometimes to prevent passengers from seeing what is going on, the policemen stand at the edge of the vehicle so that drivers can give the money, which is usually placed in their license holder to them.

1. Prepare to go undercover
2. Record the corruption with your mobile
3. Upload your video
4. Engage the community to take action

Which other specific areas do police officers stop cars to demand bribes?

2 months ago


The video captured policemen concurrently taking money from drivers of vehicles of all kinds. A part of the video showed a policeman walking towards a commercial vehicle (trotro) to receive money from the conductor (mate), when the vehicle hadn't reached the check stand yet.