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Fighting for a world where citizens can

Trust their government

Klarity is a platform for free expression. Along with rights there also needs to be responsibilities. We know there can be a delicate balance between freedom of speech and the right to privacy. Both are fundamental rights [and Klarity is committed to handling these rights carefully and with equal weight]. Klarity’s purpose is to engage, inform, exercise criticism and arouse debate on social issues, like corruption and human rights abuses. We believe it is in every citizen’s right to exert criticism and expose what is happening in their communities. This is fundamental for creating healthy and developing societies.

Our mission is to engage citizens in exposing and taking action on everyday corruption.Klarity is an online community that allows users to expose video based evidence about corruption anonymously. The community engages in peer reviewing the evidence to ensure reliability and relevance, and adds information about which institutions and individuals are involved. The information is shared on social media and with journalists, activist groups and government officials. This creates awareness and pressure for action to be taken.Klarity is non-profit, non-religious and politically independent. It was founded in Sweden in 2016 and is funded by Norrsken Foundation.

Klarity's state of the art technology offers structured, crowdsourced and peer reviewed data about local corruption incidents. Reach and impact is strongly dependent on the engagement of investigative journalists, media houses, activist groups, and organisations fighting corruption.If you are interested in collaborating with us and learn more about how to use the platform, please send us an e-mail at press inquiries please contact: